Here’s a button. The Early British Military Button Project aims to record new finds and provide the most definitive resource of these artefacts and covers the militias, volunteers and yeomanry units. Many of these units we know little about and often the only surviving artefacts we know of, to even physically show they ever existed, are their uniform buttons. Recording find spots of unusual or unknown types can help allocate identities to previously non-confirmed issues and can often be the crucial final piece of evidence needed. Today many hundreds a year are discovered by metal detectorists, many of which are unknown and would remain unrecorded as there has not been anywhere to record and identify these items. Thus every day we were seeing knowledge drip away as these little pieces of our history are often discarded as ‘interesting but unidentifiable’. Is to bring together all the sides interested in these artefacts, our history and heritage, from the militaria collectors and academics to responsible detectorists who of course would like to have their finds identified and if of an unknown type recorded, thus adding to our knowledge of this fascinating period of our history. So if you have found something unusual or are trying to ID something you cant find on here, please feel free to send it in and we will do our best to help.

Dating us military buttons

We acquired bags of old brass military buttons when we opened our shop. I bet they are worth something. So, I recently started a little research.

by the United States Armed Forces were changed radically and often during the buttons that are excavated from the sites of these former military estab- lishments date, as this style is still being manufactured, with no change from buttons.

Detachable badges in metal or cloth are a key element of military uniforms. They can identify the rank of the serviceman, their particular regiment or ship, qualification or specialist trade, and distinguish those with gallantry awards, long service or who have been previously wounded. Servicemen may also wear badges of larger formations such as Brigades, Divisions or Armies , within which their unit is currently serving.

It follows that badges on military uniforms change throughout military service, and can help identify and date portrait photographs. Portrait photographs such as this one were purely unofficial – the British Army did not photograph its First World War recruits. The images were typically taken in a commercial studio while on the first leave after being fitted with a uniform.

They were given to loved ones or exchanged with friends. Officers will additionally have collar badges.

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Scovill was founded in in Waterbury, Connecticut, where the company began making pewter buttons. Buttons, however, represented the common thread connecting the modern Scovill to its early 19th-century roots. Scovill buttons were worn on U. During the late s, the company was divided into two divisions: apparel and industrial. The apparel division manufactured fasteners for basic garments such as jeans, infants wear, childrenswear, and outerwear. On the industrial side, Scovill manufactured fasteners for a broad array of customers, including manufacturers of marine textiles, sporting and recreational products, electronics, and footwear.

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They were in a attic, given to my mother from friends who used to take care of her when she was little. I’ve had them now about, I’d say, a good 25 years, and I just keep them in a box. She was a performer with the Hammerstein Grand Opera Company in The story is that these belonged to her paramours, if you will. And the first two are the artillery officer eagle “A” buttons. They have the eagle on the front, they have the “A” in the shield, and the “A” denotes the artillery branch of service.

From the front, they look identical.

Military Uniform and Civilian Buttons

Individuals may wear aiguillettes only while serving in an official capacity during specific events where wearing aiguillettes, as an identifying device, are important to the principal being aided. When aides to top-ranking representatives of foreign nations visiting the United States request it. Officers appointed as aides on the staff of a governor of a state or territory, may wear aiguillettes on official occasions.

private liveries in addition to 34, military buttons and 6, hunt club and civilian uniform buttons. different kinds may occasionally help to date garments. UntiI the The fruits of this South American palm were origin- ally used for ballast.

This was a big leap in American button manufacturing compared to the colonial cast mold buttons. The simple crude style number or letters which were used by the Continental Army or state militia were now replaced with more artistic foliated letters, star patterns, and a variety of federal eagle types. The age of simple pewter molds were no longer used after Waynes Legion or early Federal Army of Starting with the War of more stylish buttons were used by American officers.

Given a wide latitude within regulation they would be able to introduce all types Federal style eagles with accompanying regimental numbers or floral designs. Afterward Army regulation would appropriate money for soldiers with approved regulation styles. This was a catalyst of sorts which allowed artisan engravers to freelance designs for different manufacturers which kept within military regulation guidelines. They called these Federal type buttons. Usually, they depicted an Eagle to denote the federal type part.

These English manufacturers were noted as the finest in the world and noted to cater to the Gentry class. The new military buttons of the late 18th and early 19th century used more complex metals such as white metal, copper, and brass with silver and gilt finishes. These buttons also were able to hold down the cost compared to 17th century all silver or gold buttons.

These new durable superior quality buttons would most likely boast the manufacturers name and have a raised motif as a backmark. In the first section I will list in chronological order federal patterns that were issued to demonstrate the types and subtle differences which were used in the American Army.

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Jun 25, – Antique Buttons Identification | Identifying US Military Uniform Button Backmarks – Age, Type, Design.

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Dating Us Military Buttons

Livery Buttons Identified. Search this site. Acknowledgements and Bibliography. Animal Paws.

‘s. With Army hat insignia, small gilt buttons holding gilt chin strap. the date and location of manufacture, wonderful for dating your U. S.

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Army enlisted men’s collar disks. The illustrations are examples and I am not showing all of the varieties that exist of each type. The type classification is one by formulated collectors and not by the U. Edwards and the classification was extended and codified by James McDuff.

Home page of the largest online database of alphabetically listed buttons of Militias, Cavalry, Yeomanry, Rifles and Volunteer units of the Napoleonic War perio.

Except for a raid on St. Albans during the s, which has the claim to fame of being the northern most battle of the Civil War, there have not been any battles fought on Vermont soil since the age of photography which begins just prior to the Civil War. However, it may be possible to find men in military uniform in an historic Vermont photo.

Drills, victory parades, final goodbyes and welcome backs from war, and bridge and dam projects are a few of the events that have been captured on film. Following is a brief discussion on the evolution of military uniforms. Uniforms of the Civil War era are generally characterized by their long coats, with single or double breasted brass buttons from the neck to the waist.

The flat top hats are also very characteristic of the uniform.

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Welcome to Kenrick A. Featured on our web site and in our monthly web catalogues are new and out-of-print books, documents, post cards, photographs, maps and charts, engravings, lithographs, uniforms and insignia, tools, lamps, lens apparatus, equipment and apparatus and much more relating to these heroic services. We now issue most of our catalogues on line rather than by mail.

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Many button manufacturers of course made non-military uniform buttons, generally called “fashion” buttons. Antique military buttons will typically have an eagle, anchor, or state seal design. Fashion buttons can have many motifs ranging from floral, scroll, or even patriotic designs that might be confused with military buttons. Here are some of those – with examples, all buttons pictured are from my collection.

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1800’s military buttons found at a cellar hole