Many people with epilepsy have fulfilling relationships with a partner. However, epilepsy may affect relationships for some people, and problems with sex are common for both men and women with epilepsy. There are various ways to manage these problems and find support. Seizures are a physical symptom, but having epilepsy can mean far more than the physical impact of seizures, for the person with epilepsy, and their partner. Many people manage seizures well, but seizures can be unpredictable, frightening or shocking, both for the person having seizures and for those who see them. It may be hard to deal with the memory of a seizure, what the person with epilepsy looked like, how you both felt, or with the fear that it might happen again.

“My Boyfriend Has Epilepsy and I Can’t Handle It”

Sexuality is an important part of all of our lives. Being sexual has many meanings, including the release of physical tension, an expression of emotional intimacy for a couple, and occasionally to make a baby. How each of us expresses our sexuality is unique and depends on many factors including gender, age, sexual orientation, cultural background, life experiences and medical factors. Does having epilepsy affect sex?

dating,; relationships,; marriage; pregnancy; how all of the above relate to epilepsy. It is important to reassure them that epilepsy does not define who they are.

Wes, who has epilepsy pronounced: EH-puh-lep-see , spent most of his freshman year worried about having a seizure in front of his new classmates. Even though his teachers and friends knew of his condition — and Wes knew that he’d be OK if he did have a seizure — he was always concerned that he’d embarrass himself or scare his friends. Epilepsy is a condition of the nervous system that affects 3 million Americans.

More than , people are diagnosed with epilepsy every year. It can be hard to know if someone is having an epileptic seizure. While some people have convulsions of their whole body, others simply stare blankly into space for a few seconds. The person may lose consciousness or seem unaware of what’s going on, make involuntary motions movements the person has no control over, such as jerking or thrashing one or more parts of the body , or experience unusual feelings or sensations such as unexplained fear.

After a seizure, he or she may feel tired, weak, or confused. People have seizures when the electrical signals in the brain misfire. These overactive electrical discharges disrupt the brain’s normal electrical activity and cause a temporary communication problem among nerve cells.

Forfeitures & Seizures

I started asking myself a lot of questions when I was first diagnosed with epilepsy. How do I tell people I have epilepsy? What birth control can I use? Can I have kids? And on and on.

When should I tell someone I’m dating that I have epilepsy? There is no simple answer for this, as each situation is different. Dating is sometimes ​.

Going on a first date can be nerve-wracking under the best of circumstances; epilepsy just adds another twist. One question people often worry about is how soon they should tell their date that they have epilepsy. Being able to ask questions and share feelings on any topic, including epilepsy, will only make a relationship stronger. Although it may seem tempting to tell the other person over the phone, in an email or by text, instead of in person, any serious conversation like this is probably best done face-to-face.

The more comfortable you are with the other person, the better the conversation will go. Everyone worries about it to some degree. Some people worry so much that they never ask anyone out at all. Unfortunately, this does happen from time to time. How well they understand epilepsy, and what they feel about it, will reflect the understanding and feelings of the person who teaches them. No one escapes being rejected from time to time.

Dating someone with epilepsy: what is it like?

Epilepsy can be unpredictable. Some of my patients have multiple seizures every day, while others go years without having a seizure, only to have one out of the blue. Obviously this is frustrating for people with epilepsy and their families. The short answer is, sometimes. Epileptic seizures happen when clusters of neurons send signals rapidly and abnormally. Epileptic seizures can cause involuntary movements, convulsions, changes in behavior and emotions, and other symptoms depending on which parts of the brain are affected.

Dating someone with epilepsy isn’t always easy. There are a lot of things the other person has to understand and accept. If they aren’t willing to.

Peter Fox explores your views in a Facebook debate about dating sites. Do they actually work? Is love ever as simple as the greetings card industry would have us believe? I know a couple who, to my mind, are perfect for each other. The kind of couple that make you believe love really exists. Certainly where epilepsy is concerned this can be a very sensitive subject.

With the stigma still attached to the condition, many people fear telling potential partners about their seizures. Of course, we live in the digital age.

The Epilepsies and Seizures: Hope Through Research

Back to Your pregnancy and baby guide. Try not to worry, most women with epilepsy will have a healthy pregnancy and go on to have a healthy baby. But there is a slightly higher risk of having a baby with a birth defect or developmental problem, so it’s important to get the right support.

Dating, when you’re open to and maybe even looking for a longterm relationship, is all about figuring out whether someone is a match for you .

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Phases of Seizures

The first line of response when a person has a seizure is to provide general care and comfort and to keep the person safe. For most seizures basic seizure first aid is all that may be needed, while more serious seizures may require a greater degree of care. Although each type of seizure can bring its own signs and symptoms, there are a few key actions every responder should take to help the person experiencing the seizure stay safe until the seizure passes or until emergency help arrives.

Several misconceptions still exist about how to best respond to an individual who is experiencing a seizure. Here is a look at what NOT to do, and how to best control the situation until the seizure passes or emergency help arrives. In most cases, basic first aid care is all that will be needed for an individual experiencing a seizure.

If a seizure lasts for more than five minutes, it may be difficult to stop unless treatment is given. Always check the dose and expiry date before use. Give the​.

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She said: Emily and Dan on dating and epilepsy

Grand mal seizures, or generalized tonic-clonic seizures, are seizures that involve muscle contractions, muscle rigidity, and loss of consciousness. These seizures result from abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Grand mal seizures affect the entire body, and may happen just once or multiple times as in the case of epilepsy. The cause of grand mal seizures may not be immediately recognized, if ever.

Treatable medical conditions that may be responsible for grand mal seizures include electrolyte imbalance , illicit drug use, brain tumor, meningitis , head trauma, and many others. Grand mal seizures tend to follow a pattern of symptoms that can become recognizable.

provide up-to-date medical and lifestyle information and can assist in finding self-​help A person cannot catch epilepsy from someone else. Epilepsy is not a.

HM20 Virtual Conference: Week 3. Case A year-old man is brought to the hospital by his family after a reported seizure. The patient was found on the floor, unresponsive, and suffering convulsions lasting less than a minute. He suffered no apparent trauma before or during the event. He has no history of seizures. His mental status quickly improved; he experienced oriented lucidity with slight drowsiness. His neurological exam is nonfocal, and his vital signs and laboratory values are normal.

A noncontrast head computed tomogram CT is normal. What is the appropriate approach to diagnosis and management for this patient with a new-onset seizure? Head trauma, stroke, alcohol withdrawal, brain tumors, and infections can be identified in about a third of cases. A patient with a first seizure presents a dilemma.

13 Things you should know if you’re dating someone who has epilepsy

Published on: April 12, Categories: Epilepsy. Going on a first date can be nerve-wracking under the best of circumstances; epilepsy just adds another twist. We are all human though and there are times however when any of us can forget to take our meds. Make sure you notice if this happens so you can remind them. Consider occasions such as going on holiday or for a weekend away — have they remembered to pack their meds?

Keep on track of when their appointments are and write it on the calendar — two heads are better than one.

When someone’s having a convulsive seizure, keep them safe, supported, and on their side. Epilepsy Foundation of Eastern Pennsylvania / Via.

A seizure is the physical findings or changes in behavior that occur after an episode of abnormal electrical activity in the brain. The term “seizure” is often used interchangeably with “convulsion. There are many different types of seizures. Some have mild symptoms without shaking. It may be hard to tell if someone is having a seizure. Some seizures only cause a person to have staring spells. These may go unnoticed. Specific symptoms depend on which part of the brain is involved. Symptoms occur suddenly and may include:.

Symptoms may stop after a few seconds or minutes, or continue for up to 15 minutes.

Dating and epilepsy